Mtoto Account

Is a saving account designed specifically for children younger than 18 years to encourage early saving culture for their future and introduce them to financial planning. This account allows parents/ guardians to invest for the benefit of their children’s future by earning a return on investment. Besides financial security this Account enables children and parents / guardians to meet financial obligations during the time of need such as school fees, medical expenses and more. This account is usually managed by parents or guardians.


•    Opening balance Tshs. 10,000/=
•    Minimum operating balance of  Tshs. 10,000/=
•    Withdrawals are made after three months, four times a year
•     No monthly charges
•     Interest rate will be offered from a balance of Tshs. 51,000/=
•    A small amount fee will be charged on closure of the Account.


•    Easy to open and operate.
•    Attractive interest rate.
•    Free annual bank statement.
•    No hidden charges.
•    Encourage early culture of saving to the young.


•    Two  passport size photographs of a child
•     Two passport size photographs of parent or guardian
•    Copy of Child’s birth certificate or affidavit or clinic card
•    Copy of valid driver’s license or voter’s card or national identity or passport or utility bill for a prospective customer.
•    Introduction letter of the parent/guardian from the local government.