Salary Based Loan

This loan scheme is designed to assist all salaried workers; these loans are provided to employees in different formal sector for a duration from12-24 months.

Conditions and Requirements for Salary Based Loans:

•    Identity card supported by introduction letter from employer
•    Open account with the bank.
•    Guarantee from Employer.
•    Channel the salary to the Bank for at least 3 to 6 months before applying for the loan.
•    One third of gross salary will be deducted.
•    Presentation of three current salary slips.


•    Monthly loan repayment
•    Freedom to select loan term
•    Simple requirements
•    Low interest rate
•    Easy access of cash
•    Short processing time

A KCBL customer who has a desire to apply for a loan in the institution must fulfill the below requirements before writing application letter.
•    Must have at least 3months well serviced saving account according to his or her business operations.
•    Must have a continued/existing registered business/economic project.
•    Must have a collateral (registered immovable property /house with deed) to secure his/her loan.
•    Must have good history in other Financial Institutions.
•    Visit to his /her business site and collateral.

Coupled with the above requirements later the client will need to submit the  following documents:
•    Audited accounts of his business
•    Valid insurance for his/her collateral /property.
•    Land rent for his/her collateral
•    Fill the Spouse/Owner’s Consent form
•    Register his /her collateral in favor of  KCBL.

Without delay ,a client will get the loan as soon as possible after he/she completed the above requirements and documentation.