Our Products

Salary Account

A saving account designed to facilitates salary payments for employees segment. It is an account in which employees salaries are paid, by their employers through the Bank.

Mtoto Account

A saving account specifically designed to enable parents and/or guardians conveniently save for their children, especially for school fees, medical treatments etc.

Mama Africa Account

This is designed as a unique saving plan for women who wish to meet their financial obligations as well as personal Goals and dreams by investing a small amount every month. 

Mafao Account

A saving account designed for retirees to enable as safer way to receive their pensions, gratuity and monthly pensions and other transfer benefits 

Juhudi Account

This is current account tailored for micro and small business enterprises, religious institutions and micro self-employed individuals

Kilimo Tija Account

A savings account designed for individual’s farmers to enable them to save as well as assist in daily transactions.