Baba Pesa Account

This is designed as a unique saving plan for men who wish to meet their financial obligations as well as personal Goals and dreams by investing a small amount every month.


  • Multi-currency: TZS|USD|EURO|GBP
  • Tenure min 12 Months- Max-24 Months
  • Initial opening Balance- TZS 5,000|FOREX 50
  • Interest Bearing Amount TZS. 100,000|FOREX 200
  • Earns Interest on Deposit Monthly
  • No transactional fees or Monthly fees
  • No joint Operations


  • Flexible Tenure selection
  • Fund security
  • Affordable operating balance
  • No monthly Fees or Transactional fees
  • Attractive interest rate paid monthly
  • Access to non-linked debit card
  • Eligible for an insured Emergency Loan up to 90% of deposit
  • Allows deposits any time


  • Signatory must be 18 years and above. 
  • Legal ID (NIDA ID/Voter’s ID/Driver’s License/Passport/Zanzibar National ID). 
  • VEO/WEO Letter (if using ID’s apart from National ID).
  • 2 Passport size photos each
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