Individual Current Account

This is non-Interest Bearing cheque account designed to facilitate payments. Withdrawals are made on demand or instructions by the customer to the bank to make payments on his/behalf and as per instructions


  • Multi-currency: TZS|USD|EURO|GBP
  • Initial Opening Balance- TZS 40,000|FOREX 50
  • Min Operating Balance- TZS 30,000|FOREX 50
  • Subject to transactional fees and monthly fees
  • Joint operation is allowed


  • Easy means of payments through cheque 
  • Eligible for overdraft Facility
  • Joint Account operations is allowed 


  • Individuals-18years and above 
  • Legal ID (NIDA ID/Voter’s ID/Driver’s License/Passport/Zanzibar National ID). 
  • VEO/WEO Letter (if using ID’s apart from National ID).
  • 2 Passport size photos.
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